In English: “Echoes – The Loss of Lilly”

Für vier unserer Klassen aus FOS und BG stand kürzlich mal wieder Theater auf dem Stundenplan. Im voll besetzten Forum der BBS an der Beckstraße brachte das “Phoenix Theatre“ sein aktuelles Stück zum Thema Cyberbullying, also dem Mobbing im Internet bzw. über das Smartphone, zur Aufführung – und das natürlich in englischer Sprache. Für ihre Rollen als Ryan und Lilly ernteten die zwei Schauspieler – beide “native speakers“ – anschließend verdienten Applaus von den Schülern. Sie hatten – wie auch ihre Lehrer – ganz offensichtlich alles verstanden. Eine Q&A-Session mit ebenfalls auf Englisch formulierten Fragen und Antworten rundete die gelungene Veranstaltung ab. Thank you very much!

Im Folgenden ist eine Theaterkritik aus Schülerinnen-Sicht nachzulesen – natürlich auch auf Englisch:

Theaterkritik oder besser: "theatre review”

The play "Echoes – The Loss of Lilly” is divided into two different actions/storylines. In the first one there is a girl called Lilly who has a crash on Dom who becomes her boyfriend. One day Dom asks her to send him a topless picture of her and she does so even though her best friend Simon tells her not to do that. Dom sends the picture to his friends and later everyone Lilly knows and even people she doesn’t know call her names. Lilly can’t take the cyberbullying and ends it by committing suicide.
The other storyline starts with Ryan, a boy who goes to a new school in a new country, Ireland. He gets shown around by Caitlyn who doesn’t like him because he is rich and has nice clothes on. Caitlyn starts spreading lies about him and later posts a bad picture of him on Facebook and people start making fun of him. In contrast to Lilly, Ryan talks to the school counsellor about what is happening.
I enjoyed the play because it is not too long and switches between the different actions/worlds. There are many different roles which are played by only two actors who have to use different accents and change their clothes during the play. In conclusion I really liked the play "Echoes – The Loss of Lilly” because it was emotional in the right moments and the actors interacted with the crowd/audience. I would recommend it to other schools because the topic is worth discussing and the situations are ones that easily and often can happen in real life. I also liked that the actors took time after the play where they answered questions honestly. They were both really charismatic and seemed very friendly and easy to talk to.

Juliane Kuschitzki (BGW11-1)