Englischunterricht im Kino

Die Englischkurse des BG13 aller drei BBSen Lingen haben an einem Februarnachmittag im Centralkino den Film BlacKKKlansman von Regisseur Spike Lee in englischer Sprache gesehen. Passend zum Semesterthema "Voices of America", bei dem es um geschichtliche Hintergründe im Hinblick auf Afroamerikaner und Rassismus geht, zeigte das Centralkino den Film, der 2018 beim Filmfestival in Cannes den Großen Preis der Jury gewann, den Schülern der drei Schulen in Originalsprache. Es folgt eine Filmkritik eines unserer Schüler auf Englisch:

BlacKKKlansman, the story of the first American black Trojan horse: Would you believe me if I said that there is a movie in which a Jew infiltrated the German army in 1942? No?! Me neither, but there is a movie, which is based on a real story, where a black police officer infiltrated the KKK in the 1970s. The name of the movie is “BlacKKKlansman” and was published in May 2018.The drama was directed by Spike Lee, who's already known for his amazing films like “Malcolm X”,”25th Hour” or “Bamboozled”.

But first a short plot summary.
It's the 1970s. Ron Stallworth(John David Washington) is a young black American who becomes “the Jackie Robinson” of the Colorado Springs PD. He's quickly into intelligence where he, by coincidence, gets in contact with a white supremacy group. The group is non else than the KKK and he manages to convince them of a meeting. The only problem, Stallworth, as a black person is the main enemy of the KKK. So he gets his colleague Flip Zimmerman(Adam Driver), a Jew, to join up with the KuKluxKlan. A few days after meeting up with the KKK Stallworth becomes best racist bud of grand wizard David Duke(Topher Grace) who wants to get into politics to “make America great again”, but Ron just says”The United States would never elect somebody like David Duke” and we all know how that ended.
The most remarkable scene of the movie is the one starring Harry Belafonte as Jerome Turner who tells a story of a brutal lynching while David Duke speaks of a glorious white future. Very stunning was the use of a parallel-shot during that scene which showed the two groups in comparison. Also very notable is how Lee manages to balance comedic aspects as well as thrilling ones during the whole movie. Considering the actors I can say they all did a good job, especially the performance of Adam Driver and John David Washington dominated the movie.
Another plus for the film is its handling of lighting and special effects, for example the smooth camera movement and the natural lighting.

All in all an amazing movie. Lee captured the spirit of the time and released it in front of the audience, very astonishing, although it could have used some more screen time that is to say could have given some more information on how life went on for Ron Stallworth after all those happenings. To my mind a movie like this is only made once in a blue moon and totally deserves the Cannes Grand Prix!

By Philip Klingenberg (BG13)

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